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Fast and secure communication


The University of Bergen offers European doctoral students research training in fast and secure communication for a period of 3-12 months. Internet and mobile communication transactions contain huge amounts of sensitive data including payment systems, e-commerce, medical information etc., which is important to prevent from being read and tampered by unauthorized persons. In addition there is also a demand for fast and efficient methods to implement error-correcting codes used for obtaining a reliable communication over a communication channel. The training will comprise coding theory and cryptography and the interaction of these fields, and range from taking advanced courses to work on research projects on fast and secure communication supervised by the coding/crypto group at the Department of Informatics. This group has high expertise in coding theory and cryptography and works globally with leading researchers and companies in this field. Fellows will get opportunity to combine theoretical methods and to access high performing supercomputers for testing and analyzing cryptographic algorithms and algorithms for fast decoding of codes. Among the research topics are, analysis and design of secure fast and practical encryption algorithms, construction and analysis of block ciphers, design of hash functions in particular by using coding theory, construction and analysis of MACs, design authentication codes using coding theory, fast decoding algorithms, codes for error detection, construction and analysis of block codes, study of sequences with good correlation properties for use in CDMA applications, analysis of stream ciphers using coding theory. The fellows will get access to research facilities, office space, and libraries and to a workstation connected through the local network to a high performance supercomputer. The visiting student is also guaranteed accommodation at boarding houses. Application forms can be found at the FASTSEC webpage.


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Thormohlensgaten 55, Bergen High Technology Centre
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