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Prague asterix laser system training site


The Joint Research Centre PALS provides short stays (3-10 months) training opportunities for PhD students from EC and EC-associated countries. The M.-C. fellows will be trained in basic research of high-power lasers and their applications in laser plasma physics. PALS is organized as a user type laboratory around a high power iodine laser facility (1kJ, 400ps, 1315nm) fully equipped with basic diagnostics and powerful computing infrastructure. The Centre operates also a high power chemical oxygen iodine laser COIL. The research agenda, including both the experiment, computer modeling and analytical theory, covers the following topics:
- Physics of hot high density plasma, sources of intense x-ray radiation and of highly charged ions generated at the laser focal spot. Laser plasma diagnostics.
- X-ray lasers, and their physical, technological and interdisciplinary applications.
- Adaptive optics programme and feasibility studies of optical parametric chirped pulse amplification by the iodine laser beam aiming at generation of high power pulses in the femtosecond region.
- Supersonic chemical oxygen iodine laser for technological applications. The fellows will benefit both from contacts with the experienced permanent staff and with the PALS external users. The training will take place at the academic campus, where all the experimental facilities, including the high power laser, are located. The dormitories as well as the co-operating labs of both the Charles University and the Czech Technical University are in the walking distance (10-15 min). The fellows will also take part in regular seminars, lectures and workshops, organized by the Centre and the Universities with common accreditation for PhD training. Eligible for the fellowship are the graduate students in physics, electrical engineering and chemistry, pursuing their doctoral studies in laser or plasma physics or chemistry.


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