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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Improved organic synthesis including new technologies in modern drug design


Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is the leading centre of the medicinal chemistry and pharmacy in the Baltic States. It has developed 17 original medicines and has sold licenses to USA, Japan, France and other countries. Training will be given in the developing directions forward the Medicinal Chemistry Department plans that are concentrated on the search of new anticancer, cardiovascular, antiviral and CNS medicine. Together with the search of new drug candidates experience will be gained on asymmetric organic synthesis in the classes of various heterocyclic systems (for example, aziridines, oxaziridines, oxiranes, azetidines, pirrolidines, oxazines, tetrahydroisoquinolines), development of new technologies (microwave activation of organic reactions, electrochemical synthesis and the usage of liquid crystals for organic synthesis), and experience gained in resolving different chromatographic separation problems as well. As the part of our interests in the biological testing we offer strategic lines for biological testing of newly synthesized chemical compounds for a certain mechanism of action in one specific assay. Furthermore, the investigation of action (or the potential side effect profile) of biologically active compounds (or mixtures) by determining their affinity in as many as possible different assays is also performed. As the part of doctoral training system we provide courses in all the areas connecting with medicinal chemistry. Among them are: organic chemistry (reaction mechanisms; stereochemistry, main group metalloorganic and transit: on metal courses); medicinal chemistry (courses from two points of view - organic chemistry and pharmacology); advanced course of chromatography; advanced course of NMR. In addition, we have Thursday's seminars on the current literature topics in the mentioned area as well.


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