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Bergen advanced training site in multilingual tools


Doctoral students from EU/EAA member states are invited to apply for 3 -12 month stays at BATMULT (Bergen Advanced Training Site in Multilingual Tools) at the University of Bergen. BATMULT consists of closely interrelated research units working together to offer interdisciplinary training in multilingual resources and tools, with special reference to the Scandinavian languages and their interaction with other European languages. The training site provides training through courses project work and individual supervision. The BATMULT site is able to provide excellent competence in the fields of multilingual resources (term banks, large-scale Corpora, large-scale parallel grammar development, large-scale lexicon development, word nets, thesauri and semantic mirrors, text coding and standardization) and multilingual knowledge tools (machine translation and multilingual transfer assessment, multilingual lexical semantics, language production systems, language learning tools and editorial support tools). Trainees at BATMULT will be able to rapidly embed advanced and targeted research expertise in their competence profiles, allowing them to gain a better position in the job market. The site is open to fellows doing a PhD in computational linguistics, especially with reference to multilinguality and Scandinavian languages; fellows in computer science who work on new algorithms and who wish to extend and deepen their linguistic knowledge, also with reference to Scandinavian languages; fellows with linguistics, human sciences or social sciences background wanting to study the role of management of multilinguality and text encoding, especially with reference to Scandinavian languages.


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