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Marine macroalgae : physiological and biochemical ecology, molecular, phylogeny, and aquaculture.


Does you doctoral research topic involve any aspect of seaweed biology? If so, apply to work with the largest group of marine algal specialists to be based in a single UK university, and spend 3-12 months at the Queen' s University Marine Laboratory (QUML ) at Portaferry in Northern Ireland. We can offer you training in, and facilities for, up-to-date techniques to estimate rates of physiological or biochemical processes (some of which can be measured in site) and levels of environmental parameters that might affect these processes in littoral or sub littoral habitats. We can also train you in molecular techniques for analysing DNA from seaweeds, and interpreting the results in terms of the evolution of the species, or its recent geographical migrations. If your interests lie in the ecological interactions, biodiversity or conservation of seaweeds, you can benefit from QUML's easy access to a wide range of coastal types, from fully exposed rocky shores to sheltered sand and mud beaches, many located in nature reserves, as well as our experience of biotope mapping and studying the dynamic relationships between seaweeds and their grazers, epiphytes and competitors.
Aquaculture and the commercial applications of seaweeds also feature strongly in our research programme (QLTML is home to QUB' s Centre for Maricuture and Marine Resources), and extensive facilities are available for both rope and tank cultivation of economically valuable species, and for examining the ability of seaweed species to effect bioremediation of wastewater from sewage or industrial plants. The resources of QUML are backed up by the full laboratory facilities of the School of Biology & Biochemistry on the main QUB campus in Belfast, which is only 1 hour's drive from Portaferry. If you stay for 9-12 months, you may also register for the School's M.Res course, and return home with a recognised QUB qualification and, if you come in 2003, you can take part in the 3rd European Phycological Congress, which will be held at QUB in July 2003.


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Queen's University Marine Laboratory, The Strand
BT22 1PF Portaferry
United Kingdom

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