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Angstrom nano centre - doctoral training in nanomaterials and nano echnologies


Angstrom Nano Centre invites applications from students currently registered for PhDs at European Universities, who want the opportunity to gain new scientific skills and to carry out part of their chosen research in the Centre. The Centre is a hub of inter-disciplinary research on nanostructures, microstructures and advanced micro engineering. Its principal research activities are based around - thin film: microstructure technology - surface engineering and tribology - micro-mechanisms - materials optics - electron microscopy Advanced thin films for renewable energy is another major theme that involves several different groups working interactively. Training will be in a number of key subjects including, theory, the preparation of bulk and thin film materials; materials analysis (crystal structure, surface structure, chemical composition, phase content, defects etc) and property measurements (electrical, optical, magnetic, mechanical etc), the design and fabrication of advanced materials structures and devices. The Centre has research school of 150 and has state of the art equipment. The Centre has a 2400 sq.m clean-room, which includes 700 sq.m of special vibration-free space. This state of the art facility enables high precision lithography work as well as high-resolution microscopy (SEM, TEM, SAM, SPM). Each visiting PhD will have a scientific mentor, who will agree an individualized training programme with the visitor and his or her supervisor at their home university. Visiting doctoral students will be able to benefit from both theoretical and laboratory based training those draws on more than one area. It is expected that most doctoral visitors will work in the Centre for between six and twelve months and receive training in at least two and commonly three of the above areas. The main selection criteria will be the innovation, the particular benefits to the young researchers and the extent of the requirement for multi-disciplinarity in their project proposals.


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