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Trigger processors and real time event filtering for lhc


The Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille (CNRS/IN2P3 and the University of the Mediterranean) is devoted to fundamental research in experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics. The laboratory is located on the multi-disciplinary fundamental research campus of Luminy, = 10 km south of Marseilles. Presently, the laboratory is involved in major experiments of particle physics: ALEPH (LEP/CERN), H1 (HERA/DESY), D0(Tevatron/Fermilab ), ATLAS (LHC/CERN), LHCb (LHC/CERN) and ANTARES, an astroparticle experiment devoted to the deep-sea, high-energy cosmic neutrino detection. Within its commitments in the preparation of the LHC experiments, LHCb and ATLAS, the laboratory is in charge of the Level 0 Muon Processor for the LHCb trigger system and strongly involved in the Event Filter developments for ATLAS. Triggering and event filtering techniques for the next generation experiments on high energy and high luminosity hadron colliders require advanced technological research and development. Level zero on-line processors must deal with high instantaneous rates and require fast high-density links, very large programmable gate arrays and complex logical and dataflow architectures. This applies to most of the crucial sub detectors such as tracking and vertexing, calorimetry or muon identification devices. On the other hand, high-level event filtering requires the development of large processor farms capable of analyzing at high rates, massive events (using elaborate algorithm for the identification of several physics channels, before storage. Successful applicants will participate in the above research fields. They would be involved in the conceptual design, the simulation, the prototype development and bench testing of fast on-line processors or event-filters. Their work will be supervised by high-level electronics or real-time computing engineers and senior research or academic staff members.


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