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Atomic force microscopy of biomolecules and materials relevant to healthcare


The scientific objectives of this research training is to develop a better understanding of biomolecular and biomaterial ultra structure, in particular in association with interfacial and surface systems of biomedical relevance. This will be achieved through the application of a range of complementary biophysical tools. Specifically atomic force microscopy imaging, property mapping and single molecule force spectroscopy supported by time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry, surface plasmon resonance and confocal microscopy. These analytical approaches are supported by theoretical studies based upon novel computational methods. World-class facilities and expertise in these areas is available within the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis (http://www.nottingham In-line with University protocols, good laboratory practice is taught. Communication skills are fostered through weekly internal group seminars and the occasion to chair group meetings. Similarly, there are a number of instrumental and methods "User Groups" which meet regularly. There is also a thriving School Seminar programme of invited speakers and weekly postgraduate seminars. Applicants should be on or about to commence a postgraduate programme of research in an area relevant to the opportunities we can offer. We are particularly keen to identify students where our training will provide significant added value to the student through the provision of complementary skills to those learnt in their home institution.

Funding Scheme

BUR - Bursaries, grants, fellowships


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