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Training centre for experimental and theoretical techniques applied to the exploration of the nuclear-matter phase-diagram.


The subatomic department of the French laboratory SUBATECH located in Nantes, has a strong involvement in the world wide heavy-ion research program devoted to the exploration of nuclear matter properties at extremely high temperatures and energy densities. The 28 senior scientists and 18 PhD students, half theorists and half experimentalists, participating to the research program benefit from state of the art technical support in computing, mechanics and detectors development. The experimental program includes participation to the construction of detectors (Si trackers, gas trackers, scintillators) and to the scientific program (hard probes, strangeness) at the two word facilities RHIC and LHC. The theoretical programs include development and improvement of algorithms dedicated to full event-by-event simulations of the entire heavy-ion collision. The laboratory offers training in theoretical and experimental fundamental heavy-ion physics as well as in associated detector and software technologies. The successful applicants will be involved in the data analysis and eventually in the data taking of the RHIC experiments, in the physics performance program of the ALICE detector at LHC and in the development of events generator oriented towards the highest energies.


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