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Advanced polymer materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering


Drug delivery and tissue engineering are rapidly evolving areas of technology that require a Multidisciplinary approach to research. Marie Curie Fellows will gain a thorough training in aspects of nanotechnology; materials characterization and cell-material interactions with the aim of creating new advanced polymer materials for use in human medical applications. Examples of research outcomes under investigation include: site-specific targeting of drug molecules to disease sites, controlled release of protein-based drugs and the engineering of human tissues. The Group has an established reputation in fundamental polymer science, applied pharmaceutical and tissue engineering research, and technology transfer. Fellows will have the opportunity to become fully involved in these activities inline with their future career goals. Applicants should be on or about to commence a postgraduate programme of research in an area relevant to the opportunities we can offer. We are particularly keen to identify students where our training will provide significant added value to the student through the provision of complementary skills to those learnt in their home institution.


University Park
NG7 2RD Nottingham
United Kingdom