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Ect* doctoral training programme in nuclear theory and related fields


The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, located in Trento, Italy, offers short term FELLOWSHIPS (up to 1 academic year) for YOUNG RESEARCHERS pursing DOCTORAL STUDIES, specializing in the PHYSICS OF HADRONS AND NUCLEI :
- Nuclear Structure
- QCD and Hadron Physics
- Phases of QCD and Matter under Extreme Conditions and related areas of research. ECT*, a Major Research Infrastructure within the EU Fifth Programme, offers excellent research and computing facilities. It provides unique opportunities to participate in international workshops and projects and training programmes guided by leading experts in the field. Applications, including a Curriculum Vitae and a description of academic and scientific achievements should be submitted to ECT*, The Director, Prof. W. Weise, Strada delle Tabarelle, 286, 38050 Villazzano (TN), Italy. ECT* promotes women in science and welcomes applications by qualified female researchers. Applications are also welcomed from candidates coming from less favored areas. For further detailed information, consult the ECT* home page:


Stada Delle Tabarelle 286 C/o Facoltà Di Scienze V
38050 Bieno