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European doctoral school on structural biology


The European Doctoral School on Structural Biology (EDS-SB) offers stays at its Marie Curie Training site. Candidates should have completed their graduate studies, have a basic knowledge of experimental techniques used for structural biology research, and be working on the research for a PhD thesis in the general area of structural biology. The EDS-SB offers integrated training at the following sites: utrecht university, The Netherlands; University of Florence, Italy; The Universityof Frankfurt, Germany; The Technological Institute for Chemistry and Biology, Lisbon, Portugal and the Max Planck Institute, Goettingen, Germany. The EDS-SB performs post-genomic structural research aimed at obtaining insight into the relation between structure, post-translational modification, and the function/activity at the molecular level for biomolecules that are involved in recognition, regulation and interaction processes. This requires the use of complementary spectroscopic techniques such as NMR, EPR, X-Ray Diffraction, Mass Spectrometry, and bio-computational sciences. These research tools, which are continuously under development, are available in research infrastructures that belong to the most advanced in Europe, with respect to equipment and expertise. The facilities include laboratories for protein expression and isotopic labeling. The school has collaborations with over 60 research institutes and industries worldwide. Marie Curie trainees will have the opportunity to use the available techniques and expertise for advancing their own research. They will be trained in the integrated use of the mentioned research methods for post-genomic research. During their stay they will receive hands-on training by doing research, as part of their thesis, under the guidance of highly qualified scientific staff. They will participate in formal training courses and will have the opportunity to participate actively in international research meetings related to their subject.

Funding Scheme

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