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Mixed realities for real-world applications


Two fellowships a year are available in the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to real-world domains, in particular Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing, medical and surgical applications, urban regeneration and the creation of intelligent virtual agents or synthetic characters Research training will be supplied in supporting technologies such as physically-based modeling, constraint propagation, and the integration of AI technologies from agents and planning to neural nets and ALife. The Centre for Virtual Environments is located in a recently refurbished building with state-of-the-art facilities such as CAVE, Reality Room, holodesk, laser rangefinder acquisition system and photogrammetry. The Manchester Computer Centre super-computer is also available for training in computational steering and real-time visualization using grid technologies About 25 researchers academics and technical support are engaged on a variety of funded projects. Master's level taught courses are available to bring fellows up to speed on the technologies and the ISRG Doctoral Programme also provides courses in research skills Inter-disciplinary links to engineering, construction, physics, information science and art and design are part of CVE's work Prospective fellows should have a first degree in computer science, IT or engineering, with good programming abilities. Fellows with a background in graphic arts or practical experience in computer games may also be considered.


Information Systems Institute/cve, Business House,
M5 4WT Salford,manchester
United Kingdom