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Damage cascades in neurological disorders: studies with imaging techniques


Fellowships (3,6,12 month) available for PhD and MDPhD students interested in studies on mechanisms involved in CNS damage and repair plasticity at the Graduate School of Medical Neurosciences at the University Hospital Charite, Humboldt University Berlin. The program is supported by the German Research Council DFG in the graduate college program (GRK 238) and focuses on "Damage processes in the Central Nervous System: Studies with imaging methods" Applicants should be enrolled in a PhD or MD/PhD Program and have a background in Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology or Neurosciences with an interest in Medical Neurosciences. Diseases of interest: Disturbances of blood brain barrier (I.E. Blasig), stroke and ischemia (U. Dirnagl, A. Villringer, G. Kempermann), multiple sclerosis (W. Brück, F. Zipp), regulation of microglial functions (C. Eder, H. Kettenmann), inflammation (U. Hanisch, U. Dirnagl), apoptosis (H. Ikonomidou, F. Zipp), temporal lobe epilepsy (U. Heinemann, T.N. Lehmann), Alzheimer (W. Müller, R. Nitsch), neuronal plasticity (R.Grantyn U.Heinemann T.N. Lehmann and R. Nitsch) Techniques: Macroscopic (MRT, fMRT, near infrared spectroscopy) and microscopic imaging techniques (Intrinsic optical signals, fluorescence imaging, one and two photon confocal microscopy), tracing techniques, histological and electron microscopic techniques, molecular biology, immunology and electrophysiological techniques. Generation of monoclonal antibodies. Studies are done in humans including intraoperative monitoring, rats and mice, slices of human and animal tissue, slice cultures and dissociated cultures. Studies on genetically modified animals are included. Special courses in Patch clamp and imaging techniques, stroke models and culture techniques are offered during Januar-March. Lab rotations are possible. Initial housing can be provided. For information contact: Prof. Uwe Heinemann e-mail: Tel. # 49- 30- 450 52 81 52 Fax # 49- 30- 450 52 89 62

Funding Scheme

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