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Atmospheric fine particles - formation, transport and impact


The Marie Curie Training Site 'AFIP' in Vienna, Austria, is a multidisciplinary platform consisting of five university research groups active in different areas of atmospheric sciences. The main foci of the groups are environmental analytical chemistry and environmental meteorology. It is the aim of this interdisciplinary Site to provide a unique opportunity to learn and to use latest developments in analytical chemistry, air chemistry and aerosol science as well as environmental meteorology and atmospheric radiation within a close cooperation between highly specialized groups. Fellows may apply for participation in one of the following research activities pursued by the groups involved, or for research combining more than one of the topics :
- Emissions and behavior of organic aerosols
- Climatic and hygienic relevance of aerosols
- Aerosol scavenging in mixed clouds
- Gas / aerosol partitioning of semi volatile compounds
- Receptor-oriented transport and dispersion modelling
- Inverse modeling and source determination from measurements Interested Ph.D. students should have a solid background in at least one of the areas covered by the Training Site (i.e. environmental analytical chemistry, aerosol science air chemistry, environmental meteorology) and send their application together with a scientific CV, list of publications, abstract of the master / diploma thesis and the name of one potential referee to the address give below. In addition, applicants should provide a short research plan. Austrian universities strive to strengthen the role of women in science. A special panel controls this goal and is available for help. Staffing and graduates from the involved research groups show that female fellows will find a supportive environment.

Funding Scheme

BUR - Bursaries, grants, fellowships


38,Getreidemarkt 9/151
1060 Wien