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Marie curie training site for thermofluiddynamic processes in diesel engines


The CMT- Departamento de Maquinas y Motores Tennicos of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia is a very active group involved in research related to thermo-fluid-dynamic processes in reciprocating internal combustion engines. CMT is well recognized at international level. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art experimental facilities. It works closely with the automotive industry and co-operates in 6 European projects.
The CMT Group offers doctoral training in two areas related to research on reciprocating internal combustion engines:
Training 1: in experimental analysis of internal combustion engine exhaust noise It includes:
- Calibration and set-up of acoustic instrumentation (condenser microphones, intensity probes, binaural torso for subjective assessment)
- Noise measurements in a semianechoic chamber especially conceived for exhaust noise studies. This includes training on the management and control of the engine during the tests
- Training in advanced spectral and time-frequency signal processing techniques (Hilber, Wigner, wavelet transforms, etc.) Applicants should have basic notions in Acoustics and some knowledge of MATLAB.
Training 2: in basic and applied research in the injection and combustion processes in Diesel engine It includes:
- Basic research on injection and combustion in Diesel engines
- Application and improvement of diagnostic and predictive calculation models.
- Development of test routines in steady and transient engine operation.
- Evaluation of engine performance and emissions in transient operation Applicants should have a good knowledge of Thermodynamics, preferably applied to engines. Candidates must be in possession of a good university degree allowing them to register for doctoral studies. They should be willing to learn Spanish and speak at least English and/or French. Equal opportunities are offered to women and men and CMT encourages female candidates.

Funding Scheme

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14,Campus De Camino De Vera 14
46022 Valencia