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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Novel fabrication methods for nanoscale materials


The Center for Advanced Materials of Bar-Ilan University invites applications from students in Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science and Engineering to participate in a unique training program designed to provide state-of-the-art training in the creation and characterization of nanoscale materials and assemblies. Within the framework of its program in the development of "Novel Fabrication Methods for Nanoscale Materials", the Center offers appointments for periods of up to one year that provide the opportunity to learn one or more synthetic approaches to a wide range of nanoscale structural and/or functional materials. These important new classes of materials are at the heart of emerging technologies in microelectronics, medical diagnostics, catalysis, sensor and biosensor technology, energy storage, optics, solar cells and optoelectronics. They include amorphous and crystalline nanoparticles of metals and metal oxides, polymer nanospheres, nanoporous semiconductors and electrodes, self-assembled monolayers, organic/inorganic nanoscale composites and nanotubes, and multilayer organic and inorganic materials. All training is under the direct supervision of the permanent staff of the Center and in conjunction with internationally recognized research groups. Students are assigned his/her own research mentor for the duration of their stay. Students will participate in cutting-edge research projects and will be hands-on involved in both the preparation of these unique new materials and in the characterization of 2 and 3-dimensional nanoscale arrays with unique chemical and physical properties. Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in science or engineering and one or more years of graduate work in any of the above listed disciplines. Inquiries leading to ongoing collaborative research projects with a candidates' home research group are welcome. Bar-Ilan University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.


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