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Spray analysis by avanced numerical and experimental techniques


Temporal postgraduate position in engineering available Topic: Droplet and Spray Analysis In the chemical engineering research team at the University of Bremen in Germany, a EC funded temporal research position (Marie Curie program fellowship) is available for a postgraduate researcher from the EC or an Associated Member State. The funding duration is one year. The applicant must be 35 years in age or younger. The stay is intended to support the students Ph.D. project at her or his home university. The applicant has the opportunity to participate in a tailored training program in the engineering faculty in agreement with their home university ph.D. Project. The program consists of courses e.g. in multiphase flow, simulation and particle measurement techniques and individually conducted research projects. The research program will allow participation in experimental or numerical spray investigations in a wide area of liquid atomization applications, ranging from water via paint and fuel to molten metal atomization. Fellows will have access to sophisticated laser measurement techniques and high-end computer systems. Main aim of the program is the study of droplet interaction phenomena in sprays. Models will be derived and validated for binary droplet and particle collisions in sprays. Progress in this field is needed for economical and ecological optimization of atomization processes in several application areas, like in automotive and aerospace industry, chemical and materials engineering. Applicants must have a sound background in engineering, specialized in fluid mechanics or chemical engineering. A focus must be on atomization and sprays, either from numerical modeling and simulation or within experimental techniques in dispersed multiphase flows. Further informations can be found at University of Bremen is a equal opportunity employer, applications from male and female students

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