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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Gsi - a european large research infrastructure for heavy-ion research



GSI is the German National Laboratory for Heavy Ion Research. It operates a large accelerator complex, consisting of the UNILAC for the medium energy heavy-ion synchrotron SIS and the cooler-storage ring ESR, which is capable of providing heavy-ion beams of all elements up to uranium with energies from the Coulomb barrier up to 2 GeV/nucleon. In addition, cooled stable and radioactive beams with high charge states, up to bare uranium, can be provided at the new accelerators.
The accelerators' high standard is complemented by a large number of technically advanced spectrometers and detector systems. The facility offers world-wide unique opportunities for basic research in nuclear and atomic physics and also for application-oriented studies in the fields of plasma physics, materials research, biophysics and radio-medicine.


In order to apply for access to the GSI facilities, a written proposal has to be submitted to the Project Manager which is then evaluated by the GSI Experiment-Ausschuss - the program advisory board of GSI - and the Users Selection Panel. The Users Selection Panel is a sub- committee of the GSI Experiment-Ausschuss.
Coupled to the meetings of the GSI Experiment-Ausschuss, there are two application rounds per year, one during June/July and another during November/December.
Application forms and further instructions can be obtained from the project manager or directly be drawn from the WWW (http:\\\general\eu-program.html).

Project Manager:
K.-D. Gross, Wissenschaftliche Geschäftsführung, Planckstrasse 1, Darmstadt 64291, P.O. BOX 110552, Germany
Tel: +49-6159-712535
Fax: +49-6159-712991

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