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Content archived on 2024-05-15

The artic lidar observatory for middel atmosphere resaerch (alomar)



The ALOMAR LSF is located at Andenes, Norway, on the island of Andoya (69 N 16 E). The ALOMAR (Arctic Lidar Observatory for Middle Atmospheric Research) observatory is owned and operated by Andoya Rocketrange. The ALOMAR LSF is defined as a part of ALOMAR. This part includes the observatory building and all instruments in which Norwegian institutions have invested funding and development efforts. ALOMAR provides scientists with opportunities for all-year, in-depth studies of the Arctic middle atmosphere. The facility comprises an observatory with optical instruments and several nearby sites with radar instruments. Andenes is easily accessible by commercial air transport with several daily flights, 3 hours from Oslo. The climate is mild, even in mid-winter the mean temperature is only a few degrees below freezing. Access is provided free of charge and include all infrastructural, logistical, technical and scientific support normally provided to external users. Grants are restricted to cover travel and subsistence costs for field campaigns or laboratory work of up to 3 months duration, or shorter visits involving installation of well automated instruments.

Applications are to be submitted to the ALOMAR ARI, P.O. Box 54, N-8483 Andenes, Norway, fax: +47 7614 4401 or by e-mail to

They should include:
- the Application Form. This can be obtained at the web page, or by contacting Andøya Rocket Range
- a scientific description of the project consisting of descriptive title of the project
- a clear description of the scientific objectives and the work content of the project
- a description of possible links and complementary value to existing research projects
- a reference list
- CV(s) of the researcher(s) (including a list of relevant publications).

Research teams conducting their research in the Member States of the Community or Associated States are eligible for support, but user groups from Norway are no t. Priority will be given to User Groups who have not used the facility before and who would normally not have access to it.
Project Manager: Ulf-Peter Hoppe FFI/E Kjeller 2007 P.O. Box 25 Norway Tel: +47-63-807287 Fax:+47-63-807212 E-Mail:

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