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Cardiff is a member of the EuroFlam, which is the Consortium of Large Scale Facilities in the Field of Energy, Combustion and Environment; the other members are IFRF, the Netherlands and ENEL, Italy. The Cardiff installations consists of a range of rigs up to 3 MWt that caters for biomass, solid, liquid and gaseous fuel consumption using a range of combustion techniques such as swirl, cyclonic and sprays. Novel fuels can be catered for, as well as processes such as gasification and pyrolysis applications. Advanced laser diagnostic instrumentation such as 2D/3D LDA, PIV and 2D PDA systems can be used on the research rigs. Species analysis can be undertaken using both on- and off- line equipment. To support the experimental analysis, the infrastructure has an extensive range of computer systems.

The functions offered within the infrastructure are unique in Europe and indeed globally for the following reasons:
- Each of the rigs has unique features and operating characteristics to offer to visiting Users;
- Available for use on these rigs is a unique selection of "state of the Art" commercial laser dignostic techniques;
- Complementary computational fluid dynamic codes within a range of hardware systems are available with many years experience in applying them to the above mentioned research equipment.


The call for proposals is undertaken on a rolling programme. Potential applicants can enquire directly to the Programme Manager or via the EuroFlam Homepage. Calls for proposals are published directly to European Engineering Professors and via the IFRF "Monday Night" email Newsletter. The chairman of the Users Selection Panel is Mr Peter Roberts (IFRF). The panel meets twice a year to discuss the acceptability of Users.

Individual Programme Managers have the responsibility of co-ordinating facility applications, and involves:
a) an application form;
b) a letter of support;
c) a CV;
d) project description and;
e) technical reference.

It is expected that graduates with degrees in Engineering or Sciences are the most suitable candidates.

Project Manager:
Nicholas Syred, Cardiff School of Engineering, UWC, The Parade, Cardiff CF2 3TA, P.O. BOX 685, United Kingdom
Tel: +44-2920-874797
Fax: +44-2920-874317

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Newport Road, Queen's Buildings, The Parade
CF2 3TB Cardiff
United Kingdom