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Pilot de blanchiment du ctp


CTP Bleaching Pilot Plant is a unique tool in Europe for research on all types of bleaching processes, on many kinds of raw material (chemical pulps, high yield pulps, recycled fibres, annual plants, non-fibrous material). It is a very flexible tool, with different mixing devices and reactors, and capable of working in a wide range of process conditions. The capacity of the different devices enables to process 70 to 150 kg of pulp (as dried weight). It can be used for the testing of new bleaching agents under different process conditions to improve existing bleaching technology (use of new catalysts, enzymes) and to develop new environmentally friendly bleaching processes.

Another application can be the improvement of pulp properties (strength properties, cleanliness, "food contact" issues) by chemical treatments. The testing or the development of new equipment devices, particularly mixing or sensor equipment represents another possibility. The European Community - Access to Research Infrastructures action of the Improving Human Potential Programme will support 65 experimental days (from February 2000 to June 2003) on the pilot for this contract, and it is estimated that 3 to5 days are necessary for each research project, which means that 13 to 20 projects will be able to benefit under this programme.


People interested in participating in this programme should contact Dr Christine Chirat to get the application form to be filled in for each project. A Users Selection Panel composed of 4 members (3 external of CTP) will rank the research proposals, and selection will be made on the basis of scientific merit taking into account the interests of the Community. The list of the selected projects will then be submitted to the European Commission to get the approval of the HPRI Management programme before proceeding.

Project Manager:
Christine Chirat, Fibres Resources Division, Domaine Universitaire, Grenoble 38044, B.P. 251, France
Tel: +33-47-6154044
Fax: +33-47-6154016

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures


Domaine Universitaire
38044 Grenoble