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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Research reactor dr3 at risoe national laboratory


The neutron scattering facilities at RIS provide intense beams of cold neutrons for research in three main areas: small angle scattering and reflectivity; materials and structural science; and spectroscopy. Under EC sponsored programmes approximately 20% of the total beam, time (equivalent to 60 beam weeks) is made available to outside users. In addition, there is one thermal neutron instrument for powder diffraction and texture measurements.
Ancillary equipment available to the users includes: displexes, helium flow cryostats, cryomagnets (9T vertical, 5T vertical, 2T horizontal), dilution fridge, furnaces, sheer cells, and strain rigs. Within the last five years 3 of the instruments (TAS3, TAS6/RITA, TAS8) have undergone major upgrades, and this year an upgrade to TAS7 will be completed. Presently we are in a process of reviewing future upgrades. These will probably include the development of a dedicated reflectometer, and the construction of anew general-purpose materials diffractometer on the thermal source.

There are three application rounds per year (April 1, August 1, December 1) when potential Users are invited to submit proposals. The proposals are divided by specialisation, and then sent to the appropriate referee. All referees, however, are sent all proposals. The referees are asked to grade the proposals, and to return their grades with any additional comments.
Proposals are graded under five categories:
A. Very good, and will be given priority in the beam allocation;
B. Good, and will be given time if the demand is not too high;
C. Sound, but will only be given time if available;
D. Not a suitable experiment for the facility;
E. For new Users with little or no experience who require hands-on training.
A beam allocation meeting is then held with the local contacts, and an attempt is made to accommodate all A and E proposals. If time is available B and C proposals are given time. From this procedure a short list is drawn up, which is sent to the referees, and finally to Brussels for approval. Each applicant receives a letter informing them of the fate of their proposal. At each stage they are free to contact either the Programme Manager, or one of the local contacts for further information. New users have always been strongly encouraged to apply for beam time at RIS, and the category E proposals, which have been introduced, should make it easier for new and inexperienced users to gain access to the facility.

Project Manager:
Dr D.F. Mc Morrow, Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry Department, FYS-108/Frederiksborgvej 399, Roskilde 4000, P.O. BOX 49, Denmark
Tel: +45-46774723
Fax: +45-467747 90

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