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GANIL (Grand Accélérateur d'Ions Lourds) is a heavy ion accelerator complex delivering beams in the energy range 5 to 100 MeV per unit mass. GANIL is a quite unique tool in Europe for studying interaction between ions and matter and is acting as a host laboratory for a large community of users (around 700 scientists).It is providing optimal experimental conditions for research teams in nuclear physics, atomic and condensed matter physics and radiobiology. Radioactive beams are also available at high energy using the SISSI device and the dedicated SPIRAL radioactive beam facility to be operational in 2000 will deliver high quality beams in the range 2-25 MeV per unit mass. A large variety of unique experimental equipments can be used freely for all approved experiments (neutron and charged particle detectors ORION and INDRA, the LISE and SPEG spectrometers, as well as dedicated equipments for pluridisciplinary research). A special line is devoted to industrial applications and radiobiology. New performing detectors VAMOS and EXOGAM are being constructed associated with SPIRAL.


An international advisory committee is meeting twice a year. After acceptance of the experiment, GANIL provides freely external users with beam, research equipments and technical assistance. An experiment is programmed in the 18 months following the PAC decisions. More information can be obtained by e-mail ( or on the GANIL web site (

Project Manager:
Véronique VANDEVOORDE, GANIL, Boulevard Henri Becquerel, Caen 14076, B.P 5027, France
Tel: +33-23-1454707
Fax: +33-23-1454586

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures