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Aerospace and space materials technology testhouse


The Aerospace Materials Technology Testhouse is a group of complementary analytical and processing facilities for the development, characterisation and qualification of aerospace materials and technologies. The analytical facilities cover some specific methods as well as a comprehensive characterisation with respect to microstructure, thermophysical and mechanical properties: space specific properties (thermal cycling, sublimation and redeposition, outgassing, cold welding and friction under space environment); microstructure (microscopy, SEM, STEM, GDOS, ultrasonic NDT analysis); thermophysical properties (thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, thermal expansion, emissivity); mechanical properties (tensile, compression and bending tests, creep, fatigue); corrosion behaviour (stress corrosion test, salt spray test, climatic test); chemical composition. Free access and technical assistance is given for all installations within the large-scale facility, including infrastructural, logistical, technical and scientific support. Funding for approx. 56 researchers for typically 1.5 months is foreseen until April 2003.

Application forms can be requested by hardcopy or downloaded from the internet homepage. General information is supplied by folders, information brochures, specific data sheets or by the internet homepage including a list and description of facilities. Call for proposals are published six monthly in the journals ESA Bulletin and Aerospace Engineering and by direct mailing to potential users. Proposals can be submitted any time, their evaluation will be made by the Users Selection Panel in six monthly peer reviews (typical in June, Nov.), for detailed information on deadlines contact the project manager. The proposals shall cover tasks in aerospace space materials technology for which installations of the AMTT are necessary. Technical evaluation criteria are an appropriate duration of visit/ clear objectives, clear description of methods/ scientific background / justification for using a large scale facility /scientific merit. Socio-economic evaluation criteria are priority for new users, user groups/ potential for publications in the open literature/ potential for co-operations/ increase of competitiveness of aerospace industry/ representative European laboratories and (favourably) industries in the field of aeronautics.

Project Manager:
Ernst Semerad, Business Unit Materials Technology, Seibersdorf 2444, Austria
Tel: +43-2254-7803322
Fax: +43-2254-7803366

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2444 Seibersdorf