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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Berliner elektronenspeicherring-gesellschaft fur synchrotron mbh (BESSY GMBH)



BESSY II is Europe's most modern research facility to produce synchrotron radiation (sr) in the vacuum ultraviolet to soft X-ray region (XUV region, photon energies ca. 10 eV to 20 keV) for research and development (R&D). Intensities and source brilliance are several orders of magnitude higher than from any conventional source. The 1.7 GeV electron storage ring facility is the European XUV radiation standard. Currently, over 30 beam lines are available for external research. More than 15 are unique insertion device (ID) beam lines with outstanding performances. World record resolving powers have been achieved (e.g. E/-E = 112,000 at 64 eV on UE56/2-PGM2). On selected beam lines the polarization of radiation can be changed from circular to linear with some free choice of angular orientation of the electromagnetic field vector.

More beam lines are under construction, which will extend the spectral range more into the x-ray region and will allow an arbitrary selection of polarization. R&D projects range from fundamental physics and chemistry, surface sciences to magnetism, structural biology, x-ray microscopy, new technologies and applications of synchrotron radiation, such as x-ray lithography and micro-engineering. With this contract BESSY encourages and trains EU scientists from research institutions and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), -in particular, new users and those from countries without national sr facilities,- to carry out research with synchrotron radiation. To this end BESSY offers full on-site technical and scientific support and can also provide complete experimental stations, e.g. for (angular-resolved) photoelectron spectroscopies, spectro-microscopy, microscopic imaging, x-ray fluorescence spectroscopies and hybrid techniques. If possible collaborations can be arranged with distinguished scientists who operate suitable stations or equipment.


Contact our user office ( or see our web site for details. Calls for applications appear twice a year in scientific journals (e.g.: Europhysics News and Synchrotron Radiation News). They can be found on our internet-site. Proposals must describe in brief experiment, scientific background and aspired output. Technical information and updates on beam lines and equipment are found in the BESSY User's Handbook (on our website). Based on scientific merit all proposals are evaluated by an independent scientific committee.

Project Manager:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gudat, Albert-Einstein-Str. 15, Berlin 12489, Germany
Tel: +49-306-3924630
Fax: +49-306-3922989

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Albert-Einstein Strasse 15
12489 BERLIN

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