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Centre for application of ion beams in materials research



The aim of the research activities of the AIM is to contribute to the development of European materials research by using the widespread possibilities of ion beam techniques. Basic research is combined with the development of technological applications. Technical process development is accompanied by studies which improve the understanding of basic mechanisms.

For this purpose, in-situ diagnostics play a prominent role and enhance the efficiency of technical developments:
7 beam lines for ion beam analysis, (2x RBS, ERDA, external proton beam - PIXE, NRA, nuclear microprobe, high-resolution RBS with magnet spectrometer);
3 ion implanters, (200 kV and 160 kV high current implanters, 500 kV implanter);
2 devices for plasma-based ion implantation, (200-liter chamber, metal PBII);
2 devices for ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD);
1 Fine-focused ion beam machine IMSA-100;
1 Low-pressure plasma processing device presently with ICP plasma);
Simultaneous Double Implantation Chamber, Target Station Combining: - 3MV Tandetron and 500 kV Implanter - Ion Beam Analysis ERDA at Nuclear Microprobe - Real-Time In-situ Analysis with ion beams.


Main results:
Total access delivered: 871 shifts
Total number of users: 61
Project Manager:
Wolfhard Müller, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, Dresden 01314, P.O. BOX 510119, Germany
Tel: +49-351-2603348
Fax: +49-351-2602703


Research Center Rossendorf
01314 Weissig - Dresden