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Lund laser centre



The Lund Laser Centre (LLC) is the largest unit in the Nordic countries within the field of lasers, optics and spectroscopy. Research is performed in basic atomic, molecular and chemical physics and includes applications to the energy, environmental, medical and information technology fields. The LLC is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature, fostering a strong exchange of ideas, techniques and resources. The Centre has extraordinary resources in terms of scientific expertise, advanced laser systems (=30 major systems, including a 10 Hz terawatt laser), detection and auxiliary equipment. Experimental techniques range from CW high-resolution spectroscopy to ultra-fast (fs) spectroscopy. The accessible spectral region ranges from the IR to the X-ray region. Research includes ultra-high intensity laser/matter interaction, atomic and molecular laser spectroscopy, chemical dynamics, combustion diagnostics, laser spectroscopy of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and vegetation, and spectroscopic diagnostics in biology and medicine. LLC is a partner of a cluster of collaborating laser centres including, in addition to LLC, LENS (Florence, Italy), LIF-ENSTA-X (Palaiseau, France), ULF-FORTH (Heraklion, Greece), MBI (Berlin, Germany) and LCVU (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


Interested researchers are advised to contact the project manager of any of the cluster installations to get information and assistance on the application procedure. Instructions and forms to submit a research porposal may be obtained from the WWW-Server of the LIMANS-III-Cluster at or A link to this URL is contained in each of the participating installations' Web-sites. Proposals will be selected by a panel consisting of at least 20 international experts (enclosed list). Each proposal will be evaluated by at least 5 experts, out of which 4 will be external to the facility. Selection will be on the basis of scientific merit, taking into account the interest of the Community. Priority will be given to user groups who have not previously used the installation and who would not normally have access to it. Selection will also take into account that the contract is intended to finance primarily short visits to the installation.

Project Manager:
Sune Svanberg, Lund Laser Centre (LLC), Professorsgatan 1, Lund 22100, P.O. BOX 118, Sweden
Tel: +46-46-2227650
Fax: +46-46-2224250

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Professorsgatan 1
221 00 LUND

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