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High resolution solid and high temperature liquid nmr spectrometers


The High Resolution Solid and High Temperature Liquid NMR facility provides access to modern NMR instruments (Bruker AVANCE DSX 300 and 400). The new 750 MHz has just been delivered and will be installed in Orléans during January 2004 (see first results at The infrastructure is located in the Centre de Recherche sur les Matériaux à Haute Température in Orléans France, 100 km south of Paris, on the bank of the Loire. We provide a very wide range of experimental possibilities ranging from high resolution solid at room temperature to very high temperature static experiments. At room temperature we can run simple one-dimensional experiment like single-pulse MAS or CPMAS experiments and multidimensional experiments including multiple-quantum excitation and correlation for dipolar and quadrupolar nucleior homonuclear proton decoupling. At high-temperature we have to possible designs: up to 1300 C in boron nitride crucible, suitable for observation of molten salts or liquid oxydes and up to more than 2000 C under aerodynamic levitation for more refractory liquids. The type of system that we are currently working on include oxyde or molten salts materials from crystalline phases to amorphous or glassy materials, their soft chemistry or sol/gel precursors and their liquid counterparts at very high temperature. We aim at proposing the widest possible panel of experimental conditions to better characterize the local structure and dynamics of these materials. More information can be found on our web site:


All documents for application can be obtained on request and also found on our web site: We have two calls for proposal per year and usual experimental time range from 1 to 2 weeks. EEC selection rules as described in the ARI web pages apply for our facility which cannot host French researcher under this contract. The project selection is done by a user selection panel composed of three European experts of the field of NMR and High Temperature. Priority is given to new users and new comers to NMR spectroscopy are. Due to the complexity of very high temperature experiment our policy is to promote discussion with our staff prior to the redaction of the proposal and to begin with a short one week session of experiment to ensure the feasibility of the proposed experiment.

Project Manager:
Dominique MASSIOT, Centre de Recherche sur les materiaux à Haute Temperature(CNRS/CRMHT), 1 D avenue de la Recherche Scientifique, Orleans 45071, France
Tel: +33-2-382555.18
Fax: +33-2-3863638103


Avenue De La Recherche Scientifique 1D
45071 Orleans