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Jyfl accelerator laboratory of the university of jyväskylä



The JYFL Laboratory is a national facility with an extensive international programme in education and research on atomic nuclei under extreme conditions as well as related applications. For these purposes the JYFL cyclotron (AVF, K130) with its ion sources (two ECR sources and a multicusp source) deliver largest variety of light and heavy ion beams in Europe. The facility has proven to be very reliable, providing up to 7000 hours of beam hours per year.

The in-house work force including theorists consists of 24 PhD scientists, 25 PhD students and 19 technicians. The number of annual external users is about 180. As a university laboratory, the JYFL Laboratory with its numerous projects in instrument development, offers an ideal training site for young scientists and students.

Main available instrumentations: On-line isotope separator IGISOL - ion-cooler - collinear laser spectroscopy set-up, magnetic recoil separator RITU, gamma-ray detector arrays (Jurosphere), solenoid electron-spectrometers (SACRED), HENDES - High Efficiency Neutron Detector System, HIPS - Heavy Ion Particle Spectrometer, large universal scattering chamber with a diameter of 1,4 m, a special irradiation facility for applied physics, facility for radioactive isotope production.


Deadlines for calls of scientific proposals are March 15 and September 15 each year (see ). The proposals should be sent in written form to the PAC Secretary Dr. Paul Greenlees, Accelerator Laboratory, Department of Physics University of Jyväskylä, P.O.Box 35, FIN 40351 Jyväskylä, Finland. The spokespersons are encouraged to contact Dr. Paul Greenlees ( for more detailed information about available instrumentation. List of authors should preferably comprise in-house physicists. The proposals will be evaluated and selected on the basis of scientific merit through an independent peer review procedure by the Program Advisory Committee (3 in-house- and 6 international members). Eligible for participation in the HPRI- programme are those research teams that conduct their research in the EC Member States (except Finland) or Associated States. For the eligible teams with approved proposals access to perform experiments is supported and they can also apply EC funding of their related travel and subsistence expenses by sending an application to the PAC secretary or the project manager.

Project Manager:
Rauno Julin, Department of Physics Accelerator Laboratory, Survontie 9, Jyväskylä 40351, P.O. BOX 35, Finland
Tel: +358-14-602426
Fax: +358-14-602351

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures


Survontie 9
40351 Jyväskylä