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Tobi - towed ocean bottom instrument



EASSS III offers access to 3 unique instruments for seafloor survey. TOBI is a deep-tow geophysical survey vehicle, carrying sidescan sonar, profiler, magnetometer and CTD instruments, for use in water depths between 200 and 6000 m. On research cruises where TOBI is the primary tool, one of two additional instruments, BRIDGET and SHRIMP, which compliment and increase the scientific value of TOBI, is offered in an integrated package. BRIDGET is a deep-tow instrument for the investigation and sampling of submarine hydrothermal plumes and water mass properties.

SHRIMP is a real-time deep-tow camera platform, used for ground truthing TOBI sidescan images. Data processing using state-of-the-art software developed at SOC, and scientific training in survey design and data interpretation are also offered, both at sea and for post-cruise work at SOC. Use of the infrastructure is offered on 3 research cruises of up to 30 days each over 3 years. A total of about 30 researchers will benefit. Details on how to apply for access are available through the EASSS website ( /CHD/Easss3/index.html). All access available under EASSS III has now been allocated.


A call for proposals, deadline 15th May 2000, is now available at the website above.

Project Manager:
Douglas Masson, Southampton Oceanography Centre, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH, United Kingdom;
Tel: +44-1703-596568;
Fax: +44-1703-596554;

Call for proposal

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Empress Dock, European Way
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