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Consorzio interuniversitario per la gestione del centro di calcolo elettronico dell' italia nord-orientale


Within the Facility, access will be made available to the following resources: C RAY T3E 1200e (256 PEs, 48 Gbyte Memory, 308 GFLOP/s Peak Performance); SGI Orig in 2000 (64PEs, 32 Gbyte Memory, 38.4 GFLOP/s Peak Performance); IBM SP Power 3 (16 PEs, 4 Gbyte Memory, 12.8 GFLOP/S Peak Performance); Automatic Cartridge System (6000 slots, more than 5 TByte uncompressed storage capacity); VIS.I.T Visual Information Technology Laboratory, featured a Virtual Theatre and equipped with SGI ONYX2/IR, a graphics supercomputer, and other Virtual Reality (VR) and video-animation devices; Service of documentation and on-line information. All systems are connected to the GARR (the Italian Academic Network) and all are reachable via Internet. Researchers fully hosted under the Minos project have access to the above listed facilities as CPU hours, visualisation laboratory facilities, on-line databases services and training. They can also count on the support of an international scientific committee and locally based senior researchers. Minimum quantity of access offered will be 3276 CPU hours (128 Pes CRAY T3E equiv.). It is estimated in 15 the number of users per year, that it means about 45 hosted Researchers on the overall project basis.

Candidates have to submit an application according to deadlines stated by the user selection panel/scientific committee. The forms can be sent by mail or filled on-line on the CINECA's web at URL: For information end e-mail to Calls for proposal have been and will be published on scientific journals like Nature. Beside this, information is spread through Internet on thematic newsgroups and to a proper mailing list of European scientists involved in Computational Sciences activities.

A copy of the call for proposal has been sent to the Universities located in EU countries and Associated members' countries. The name of the Chairman of the Users Selection Panel is Dr. Mario LANZARINI. Proposals will be selected using the following criteria: scientific interest of the proposal; role of Supercomputing in the research project; the added value of the research for the EC; consistency of requested resources; the benefit of the visitor, especially for whom have not previously used the infrastructure. Project Manager: Giovanni Erbacci CINECA Via Magnanelli, 6/3 Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) 40033 Italy Tel: +39-051-6171411 Fax: +39-051-6132198 E-Mail:

Call for proposal

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