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Earthquake engineering research centre


The Installation consists of a 3 x 3m, 6-axis shaking table and ancillary facilities for experimental studies in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. The operating range is 0-100 Hz and the maximum payload is 15 tonnes. The recently upgraded control system allows high- fidelity input signals to be applied to the test-piece, its active feedback control in real-time allowing studies to be made of non-linear behaviour.


Access is offered under the contract to researchers from Member and Associated States who wish to familiarise themselves with advanced experimental techniques. The Bristol shaking table joins with 3 other similar European facilities in offering access to shaking tables and a reaction-wall. A cost of living allowance is paid in addition to the free access. A call for proposals appears every 6 months in the Journal for Earthquake Engineering and structural.

Project Manager:
Roy Severn, Civil Engineering - Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (EERC), Queen's Building, University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TR, United Kingdom
Tel: +44-117-9287708
Fax: +44-117-9287783

Call for proposal

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University Walk, Queen's Building
BS8 1TR Bristol, Clifton
United Kingdom