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Wageningen nmr centre



Access to a number of different NMR spectrometers, covering a wide range of possibilities for analytical and (bio)physical research and applications in biology, agriculture, food technology, biophysics and biotechnology. Instruments available are:- 0.2-0.75 T variable field (portable) NMR spectrometer for relaxometry, diffusometry, magnetizatioj transfer and flow studies in intact plants, products (i.e.fruits seeds, bulbs) and porous (bio)systems- 0.25-0.75 T NMR imager, based on an electromagnet with a 10 cm air gap, for anatomical and functional imaging of porous materials, (bio)reactors, plants, and other living organisms- 3 T NMR imager with a 50 cm vertical bore magnet for anatomical, functional and spectroscopic imaging of porous materials, (bio)reactors, plants, and other living organisms under well-controlled environmental conditions in a mini-phytotron (available mid 2002)- 7 T wide bore NMR spectrometer for in vivo spectroscopy, metabolic studies of living organisms, solid state NMR, and magic-angle-spinning NMR- 9.4 T wide bore NMR spectrometer for analytical NMR, high-resolution micro-imaging, multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy for molecular structure elucidation, and solid state magic-angle-spinning NMR- 9.4 T narrow bore NMR spectrometer for analytical and fluorine NMR, and equipped with an LC accessory and MS storage unit.- 11.7 T high-resolution NMR spectrometer for high resolution molecular structure elucidation.

Applications can be submitted to the facility during the whole year according to the procedure described on the web site of the Centre :

Project Manager
Dr. H. Van As, Wageningen NMR Centre, P.O. Box 8128, Wageningen 6700 ET, P.O. BOX 8128, 6700 ET Wageningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-317-482034/482044
Fax: +31-317-482725

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