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Content archived on 2024-06-17

Facility for aerothermodynamic and propulsion studies


FAPS comprises installations hosted by four research laboratories associated in the Research Federation EPEE (Energy, Propulsion, Space, Environment). It is operated by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and consists of the following installations;
- The Wind-Tunnels for Space Applications (WTSA) are a unique experimental complex used for solving aerothermodynamic problems related to space (atmospheric re-entry, spacecraft control);
- PIVOINE is a vacuum chamber equipped with cryogenic pumping to simulate the operating conditions of thrusters in space. It is used for fundamental research on electric propulsion for spacecraft;
- Full-size automobiles can be tested in the large Subsonic Wind-Tunnel (SWT). The maximum flow velocity is 60 m/s or 35 m/s depending of the test-section in use. The free stream turbulence level can be adjusted;
- The Engine Test Benches (ETB) offer diagnostic tools to measure the exhaust emissions, and investigate the detailed combustion process. They are used for studies aimed at reducing fuel consumption and decreasing pollutant emission;
- The installations of the Laboratoire de Combustion et Systèmes Réactifs (LCSR) consist of combustion chambers and reactors, shock tubes, atmospheric chambers, etc. They are used in the field of propulsion, combustion and their environmental effects;
- The laser facilities of the Groupe de Recherche sur l'Energétique des Milieux Ionisés (GREMI) consist of various laser sources used both for plasma production and diagnostic. Plasma facilities include a large number of reactors and sources. Advanced diagnostic techniques allow probing various reactive and ionised media of interest in propulsion studies. Under the contract, 16 users received access for a total presence of 1346 days and 58 weeks-full-use of the installations.


Applying for access consists in sending to the project manager a curriculum vitae, a work program and an application form. Applications are received at any time. Proposals will be selected on the basis of scientific merit through an independent peer review procedure. A Users Selection Panel chaired by the project manager examines the applications received. The application of graduate students interested in "training through research" and "training to research" is encouraged. Application forms and additional information are available from the project manager and from the infrastructure web site.

Project Manager:
Jean-Claude Lengrand, Fédération de Recherche EPEE, 1 C avenue de la Recherche Scientifique, Orleans 45071, France
Tel: +33-2-38257719
Fax: +33-2-38257777

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1 C,Avenue de la Recherche Scientifique 1C
45071 Orléans

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