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Dlr research aircraft falcon 20



The facility comprises the DLR research aircraft Falcon 20; a business jet aircraft with a pressurized cabin, which has been extensively modified and equipped with basic sensorsystems for meteorological research in the troposphere and the lower stratosphere. Within a certain budget the use of operational DLR sensorsystems is offered. Access to the Falcon 20 is offered through the EC-funded IHP contract, under a joint aircraft project (with MRF (U.K.) INSU (France) and Meteo France (France) called CAATER Co-ordinated Access to Aircraft for Transnational Environmental Research. About 9-10 hours per user group on the Falcon 20 is foreseen for a total of 14 user research groups from EU Member States and Associated States (For the purpose of this contract, Associated States are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

9 scientific projects have been supported by the CAATER program on the DLR Falcon with a total flight time of 93 hours and 40 minutes. 28 scientists from 7 countries did have direct access to the infrastructure. CAATER financial support for travel and subsistence was available to 24 scientists. 7 new aircraft instruments developed by CAATER scientists did undergo certification at DLR. Project Manager: Monika Krautstrunk Flight Facility Oberpfaffenhofen Münchnerstr. Wessling 82230 P.O. BOX 1116 Germany Tel: +49-8153-282986 Fax: +49-8153-281347 E-Mail:

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