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Bergen computational physics laboratory



The Bergen Computational Physics Laboratory (BCPL) offers scientific assistance and top of the line supercomputing power to researchers from the EU and its Associated States primarily in atomic, molecular, nuclear, and particle reaction modelling. BCPL is based on three institutions of the University of Bergen (UoB). Supercomputing power is provided by Para on a 52 Giga Flop, 128 processor SGIC ray Origin 2000 facility, and the lab is committed to upgrade it permanently to have the fastest computer available to researchers in Europe. The unique combination of exceptional parallel computing power complemented by a large number of dedicated theoretical physicists with significant expertise in parallel computing and reaction theory/modelling enables the researchers to solve demanding tasks like the simulation and analysis of reactions at the CERN LHC, the world's largest accelerator.


Applicants need to write a scientific proposal according to the guidelines listed on the Web-site and send it by e-mail to Supported projects will be selected from proposals based on scientific merit by a European User Selection Panel. Visiting groups and researchers will be assigned a local researcher as Project Host and local project support.

Project Manager:
Monika Voit, Bergen Computational Physics Laboratory, Allegaten 55, Bergen 5007, Norway
Tel: +47-55582802
Fax: +47-55589440

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Allegaten 55
5007 Bergen

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