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Laboratoire pour l'utilisation du rayonnement electramagnetique (LURE)



CLIO is an infrared free electron laser dedicated to users. Its spectral range spans 3 to 75 µm and has been recently extended to 90 µm. The time structure of CLIO is composed of 10 µs long pulse trains, at a repetition rate of 25 Hz. Each train contains typically 500 "micropulses", each being usually a few picoseconds long. Very short pulses, down to 300 fs (FWHM), can also be produced, allowing to perform time resolved experiments with sub-picosecond resolution. The peak power is in the range 10 - 100 MW. CLIO also possesses the unique capability of being able to lase simultaneously on two colors independently, thus enhancing the pump-probe capabilities.
In addition to the FEL beam, ancillary equipment is available: sum frequency generation (SFG), pump-probe and photon echo set-ups, electrochemical cells, UHV chambers, FTIR spectrometer, chemical laboratory, detectors, monochromators. A near field microscope is being developed.
A programm of development of CLIO has been established to which a funding has been attributed by the LURE and the University Paris-Sud. The program is:
- Extension of the longest wavelength of CLIO up to 150 µm- Installation of a new SFG experiment with short pulse tunable lasers, allowing doubly resonant sum frequency to be performed- Installation of a Ti:S laser and OPO allowing to reach the far infrared by optical rectification and to perform various pump/probe experiments with CLIO.
In addition a funding is being considered by the ministry of research in order to build new user rooms at CLIO and to re-establish the people working at the facility in a nearby building.


Scientific experiment proposals are reviewed by an international Programm Advisory Committee. Deadline for submission of proposals is usually end of November of each year. Proposal forms are available on the web site of the LURE laboratory ( Call for Proposals are published in EPJD.
Selection Criteria : Scientific Excellence and available beam time.
More informations can be obtained from :LURE Scientific Secretary - email:

Project Manager:
Jean-Michel Ortega, LURE-Centre Universitaire Paris-Sud, Bât. 209D, Orsay 91898, B.P. 34, France
Tel: +33-1-64468017
Fax: +33-1-64464148

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Centre Universitaire Paris Sud - Batiment 209 D
91898 Orsay