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The svedberg laboratory



The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL) is a Swedish national facility operating two accelerators, a cyclotron and a storage and cooler ring. The cyclotron acts as the injector to the CELSIUS ring, but can also be run separately giving a wide range of ion beams of various energies up to 185MeV for protons and 8MeV/nucleon for xenon ions. In the beam lines of the cyclotron there are various detector systems for charged particles, neutrons and gamma radiation. One of the beam lines contains a facility for mono-energetic neutron beams of energies between 25 and 180MeV and intensities up to one million per sec. The CELSIUS ring is a synchrotron, giving maximum energies of 1.36GeV for protons and 470MeV/nucleon for light ions (A < 40) with a charge-to-mass ratio of 1/2. The main activity at the CELSIUS ring is the study of light meson production and decay. The pions and eta mesons are produced in light-ion collisions and the decay products are recorded in a large-solid-angle detector, WASA, located in one of the straight sections of the CELSIUS ring.


Scientists interested in using the TSL facilities are recommended to contact the Scientific Coordinator, Dr Hans CalTn (phone: +46-18-4713846, e-mail: Proposed research projects are evaluated by the TSL program advisory committee (PAC), which also acts as the User Selection Panel (USP) for projects asking for support from the European Commission. The PAC/USP meets twice a year, normally in May and October. Deadlines for proposals are March 15 and September15.

Project Manager:
Curt Ekström, The Svedberg Laboratory, Thunbergsvägen 5A, Uppsala 751 21, P.O. BOX 533, Sweden
Tel: +46-18-4713112
Fax: +46-18-4713833

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures


Thunbergsvägen 5
751 21 Uppsala