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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Centro national de microelectronica (CNM)



During the last 15 years, CNM (Centro Nacional de Microelectronica) has developed an outstanding infrastructure that combines process flexibility, industrial-like management and completeness for the design and fabrication of silicon devices. The concurrence of these characteristics makes CNM Clean Room unique since this combination is difficult to find within the academic environment of any University/Central facilities. The existing processes in the Clean Room facility and its complementary services are offered to external researchers. The Clean Room has available photolithographic processes with steppers, ensuring 0.5 µm resolution, dry etching equipment, thermal and CVD furnaces, ion implantation of several dopants and metallisation equipment. The technologies available are: 2.5 µm CMOS, power DMOS/IGBT and micromachining technologies for the integration of Silicon based microsystems. Specific software (Silvaco, Avanti, TMA, Ansys, Cadence and other relevant CAD utilities) is also available as well as characterisation services, which provide support to the design and test tasks of microelectronics devices.


Any researcher from an eligible country may apply for access. The Call will be continuously open and a Selection Panel, made up of thre external experts, will evaluate the proposals periodically. Application form is available at the MICROSERV web-site ( and can be submitted preferably by e-mail ( or alternatively, by post or fax: CNM. campus UAB. E-08193 Belleterra, Spain. Fax: +34 93 5801496.

Project Manager:
José Millan, Centro National de Microelectronica (CNM), Instituto de Microelectronica de Barcelona (IMB), Campus UAB, Bellaterra, Barcelona 08193, Spain
Tel: +34-93-5802625
Fax: +34-93-5801496

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