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Kernfysisch versneller institut



The central facility of the KVI is AGOR, a super conducting K=600MeV cyclotron for the acceleration of light and heavy ions. It is the result of an international collaboration between the KVI through its funding agency FOM and IPN, the Institut de Physique Nucléaire at Orsay (France) through its funding agency IN2P3. AGOR is capable of accelerating (vector-polarized) protons and (vector- and tensor-polarized) deuterons up to 200MeV. Alpha particles and all other ions with q/A = 1/2, where q is the charge of the ion with mass A, can be accelerated to 100MeV / nucleon. Heavier nuclei can be accelerated to an energy of 600 q2/A2MeV /nucleon. There are two major experimental equipments for nuclear research at the KVI: the Big-Bite magnetic Spectrometer (BBS) and the Small-Angle Large-Acceptance Detector (SALAD).

Both equipments can be used in conjunction with ancillary equipment like the seven multi-detector systems EDEN, PEPSI, Forward Wall, Plastic Ball, Silicon Ball, the BBS polarimeter and TAPS. A special beam line has been set up with which radiobiology experiments pertinent to proton therapy can be performed. Another beam line is available for irradiation experiments. This contract concerns a joint Research Infrastructure between the KVI, the Institut für Kernphysik of the Forschungszentrum Jülich (IKP/FZJ), Germany, operating the acceleration and storage ring COSY, and the The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL) in Uppsala, Sweden, operating the Gustaf Werner-cyclotron and the CELSIUS storage and cooler ring. Under this contract, the KVI offers 800 extra beam hours, of which up to 7 user groups from the European Union and associated states can benefit.


Proposals from outside users will be evaluated on basis of their scientific merit, by the AGOR Programme Advisory Committee (Chairman: Professor M. Pignanelli, US Milano, Italy) which meets at least once every year. Scientists interested in performing research at the facility in the framework of the Trans national Access to Research Infrastructures programme are asked to contact the Project Manager or the Facility Co-ordinator ( Calls for proposals are published in due time in Euro physics News, Nuclear Physics News International, the KVI Newsletter, and the web pages of the KVI.

Project Manager:
Mushin N. Harakeh, Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Zernikelaan 25, Groningen 9747 AA, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-50-3633554
Fax: +31-50-3633555

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