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Lngs: a low background facility for particle physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics, geophysics and biology.


The Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso is located in Abruzzo (Italy), 120 km east of Roma. The underground infrastructure was build in the 80's under the GranSasso Mountain. 1400 meters of calcar rocks are shielding the lab from the cosmic rays, so that the natural radioactivity level is highly reduced. With about 18000 square meters of underground area, it is the largest underground lab in the world completely devoted to fundamental research.
The easy access and the thickness and low level of radioactivity of the rock make LNGS an outstanding facility for experiments requiring a low background environment and shielding from cosmic radiation. Users can work with the scientific and technical support of LNGS staff of the Research and Technical divisions. The facilities of the Underground Laboratory available for TARI users include: Infrastructures for low background measurements; instrumentation for radon monitoring and geophysics; cryogenic facilities; one accelerator facility for low energy nuclear physics; computing infrastructures and PC arrays. Additional facilities are available for users in the external buildings and include offices, workshops (chemical, electronic and mechanical), computing center, library and canteen.

Eligible researchers (home institution in EU member states or associated countries) wishing to have access to the LNGS facilities are required to submit to the LNGS written proposals describing the work that they wish to carry out, and other information as requested in the application form. The application form can be downloaded from the LNGS web site ( link European Community Fundings); it must be sent by ordinary mail to the following address: Transnational Access to Research Infrastructure (TARI), INFN Lab. Naz. del Gran Sasso, SS 17bis Km18+910 67010 Assergi(AQ), Italy. Information on how to apply can be asked at the e-mail address:
The applications will be evaluated according to the call for proposals, that is issued every six months (usually in March and September). The Call for Proposals are published on the CERN Courier and Astroparticle Physics, and are also advertized on the LNGS web site. Proposals can be submitted any time during the contract period (December 2001- March 2004). The proposals received will be evaluated a few days after the deadline of the calls by the LNGS TARI User Selection Panel (USP). A prompt answer will be communicated to the applicants shortly after the EU approval, following the recommendations given by USP meeting.

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Strada Statale 17Bis Km.18+910
67010 Assergi