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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Access to research infrastructures at levnedsmiddelcentret (lmc) to conduct research in forefront topics in food science, as specified in part b.



Levnedsmiddelcentret - Centre for Advanced Food Studies is a formal collaboration between the two major Danish universities involved in food research - KVL (The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University), Denmark, and DTU (The Technical University of Denmark). The Centre for Avanced Food Studies offers advanced facilities for e.g. the chemistry of foodstuffs, the rheological and sensory qualities and the effects on foodstuffs of bioprocessing. LMC has an extensive range of pilot plants simulating industrial conditions combined with the most advanced equipment for measuring the physical and chemical properties of foodstuffs. In the field of nutrition LMC has a unique combination of biochemical and nutritional research methodologies for the basic nutritional quality of foodstuffs. The research investigates the impact of food on physiological functions and on physical and mental performance at all ages from infants through old age. In microbiology, the primary focus is on the importance of micro-organisms and their beneficial use in foodstuffs. This includes both food safeties in combating and preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms and the positive applications of useful micro-organisms to improve aroma, nutritional quality and functional qualities of foodstuffs.

Application: Specific information about access is found at
Forms for applications for access are found at the MRI-website and sent by e-mail to the researcher coordinator at LMC, Gunnar Hansen. Dealines for application have been 1.10.01 1.02.02 and 1.09.02. The next deadlines will be 1.02.03 1.09.03 and 1.02.04.
The visiting scientists as well as hosting scientists from LMC have been very positive towards the MRI-programme and the possibilities for scientific cooperation it opens. Part C contains summary reports of the individual visits and a summary of the User Questionnaire which all (14) visiting scientists have filled out. We are especially happy about the high rating for the overall evaluation of the MRI. 79% of the scientific visitors give a rating of "excellent" or "above average".
Although the programme is still in its initial phase, it has led to new contacts to universities and research institutes all over Europe. 42 scientists from 15different European countries have applied to come to LMC under the MRI-contract in the period covered by the annual report. 36 applications were approved. 14 of the approved MRI-visits took place in the period fra 1st November 2001 to 1st November 2002, 22 will take place later and 1 visit has been cancelled. The deadlines for applying the MRI-programme have been 1.10.01 1.02.02 and 1.09.02.

Project manager:
Dr. Gunnar Hansen.

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