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Recycling pilot plant facilities for advanced deinking, recycling and chemical treatments of recovered papers


CTP Recycling Pilot Plant simulates, with a strict control of the recovered papers used, the main treatments implemented in deinking and recycling plants, separately in successive sequences, or in continuous operating conditions and with a closed water system. The pilot is a very flexible tool. Its configuration is easily adapted to each type of trial by only changing the connection between the different devices. The range of equipment available allows processing all grades of recovered papers, to apply physical and chemical treatments in conventional or unconventional conditions and always in a full safety environment. The main devices that can be interconnected are the following: low and medium consistency pulper, coarse and fine screening, cleaning, flotation, oxidative and reductive bleaching, low and high-speed hot dispersion. Such equipment allows for example to perform two deinking loops with water recirculation. The heterogeneity of raw materials, processed in deinking plants, is a well-known source of quality variation of the produced pulp. On the pilot plant, the purposely selected low production capacity offers the advantage to process raw materials well defined. As well, for some studies, it offers also the possibility to process industrial recovered raw materials after their sorting (household or office collected papers). These conditions allow high accuracy results. For any additional information and (or) for access to this research infrastructures, please contact Benjamin Fabry (


People interested in participating in this programme should contact Dr. Benjamin Fabry (e_mail: Tel: +33-4-76154088, mail address: Centre Technique du Papier, BP 251, 38044 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France) to get the application form (see Annex I) to be completed for each project proposal.
A Users Selection Panel composed of 3 members (2 external from CTP) will rank each research proposals. The selection will be made on the basis of scientific merit taking into account the interests of the EU Community. The feasibility of such projects according to the CTP Recycled Fibres Pilot Plant requirements will also be taken into account. The list of selected projects will then be submitted to the European Commission to get the approval of the HPRI Management programme before proceeding.

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