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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Access to neutron scattering and imaging facilities at orphee-laboratoire leon brillouin


LLB is a major Research Infrastructure devoted to the study of condensed matter by thermal neutron scattering. The neutron beams used by LLB are produced by the reactor ORPHEE which has a maximum thermal flux of 3.5 1014n/cm2/s. ORPHEE, the most recent and the highest flux medium size reactor in Europe, is equipped with two cold sources (liquid H2, 20 K) and one hot source (graphite, 1400 K), allowing to produce neutrons with wavelengths ranging from 0.5 to 20Å. 25 neutron scattering and imaging instruments, running simultaneously, are opened to EU users of the member states and associated states: 4 powder diffractometers, 3 single-crystal diffractometers, 2 materials science diffractometers (strains , textures), 4 small-angle scattering instruments, 2 reflectometers, 4 three-axis instruments, 1 time-of-flight and 2 spin-echo spectrometers for inelastic scattering, 2 diffuse scattering diffractometers and 1 Neutron Radiography imaging facility. Several instruments use polarized neutrons. The LLB instruments are equipped with many facilities such as cryostats and furnaces, high pressures and high magnetic fields.

Written proposals have to be sent before October 1st and April 1st of each year. Proposal forms can be obtained from and must be sent to the Scientific Secretariat of the LLB. Call for proposals for potential users will be published in Nature, Neutron News, Physics Today and Europhysics News, and advertised on a dedicated web page on Internet. Project Manager: Pierre MONCEAU Director of LLB CEA/SACLAY/F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette/France Tel: 33-1-69083254 (Secretary: Mrs Claude ROUSSE: Tel.: +33-1-0169085417) Fax: +33-1-69088261 E-mail:

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