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European infrastructure for energy reserve optimisation


The postgraduate Institute of Petroleum Engineering and the Ocean Systems Laboratory through EIERO offer access to a comprehensive range of laboratory facilities and computing resources. The predominantly industry funded research programmes support multidisciplinary research on maximising fluid recovery through improved reservoir characterisation and management, and sub sea remote vehicle development. Although operating in the context of oil and gas recovery the infrastructure has provided access to user groups in other areas including; food science, hydrology, sub sea hydrates, mountain tunneling, and star fish detection where the facilities and expertise of EIERO are relevant.

Research facilities are associated with the following subjects: geophysics, reservoir description and simulation, uncertainty modelling, flow in porous media, fluid phase behaviour and properties, gas hydrates, hydrocarbon recovery mechanisms, geo and rock mechanics, and reservoir chemistry. In the Ocean Systems Laboratory the following areas of expertise and facilities are provided: underwater robotics, signal processing and acoustics and underwater imaging. The subjects covered within EIERO provides a unique capability to address a range of issues associated with sub surface phenomena and the many and varied challenges of underwater communication and operations. The facilities offered are of particular relevance to sustainability issues, for example CO2 sequestration through subsurface injection.

Information and application details for access are given at the web site:
Preliminary email enquiries should be directed to: Prof Adrian C Todd.

Project Manager:
Prof Adrian C Todd, EIERO

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