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Trondheim marine systems research infrastructure


The Trondheim Marine Systems Research Infrastructure (RI) offers a unique range of facilities and sophisticated instrumentation for integrated research within science and technology. It focuses on the development of measurement, monitoring and modelling tools in order to better understand and predict the functioning of marine systems. The Trondheim Marine Systems RI provides access to large experimental tanks (e.g. an ocean basin, towing tanks, a cavitation laboratory, a Coriolis tank and a pressure tank), telemetering data buoys (SEAWATCH™), wave tanks, biological tanks and basins, rooms for cultivation of plankton-size marine organisms, high performance computational and modelling facilities.

It also includes two natural environments that have been thoroughly studied for many years: a small and shallow landlocked bay, which is a mesocosm by itself and the large and deep Trondheimsfjord. They are situated well north from the North Sea basin and are characterised by pure coastal waters. Both locations are easily reachable from shore research stations and are served by research vessels. A wide range of marine scientific and technological expertise is available to guest researchers: platform and sensor design and testing, meteorology, physical oceanography, optics, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, ecology, biology, aquaculture, large-scale data processing and modelling.

Applicants need to complete the application form, available on the web site of t he Infrastructure, and send it to the co-ordinator before the application deadline. If the Group consists of more than one applicant, the Group Leader should submit the facility requirements, the project description and his/her CV, while the other Group Members only send in the first page of the form. Applicants can send in their own project proposal or contact one of the liaison officers to join an ongoing project.
Project Manager: Prof. Egil Sakshaug Trondheim Biological Station NTNU N-7491 Trondheim Norway Tel: + Fax: + E-mail:

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures


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