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Large-scale facility wageningen nmr centre: nmr in agriculture and biology


Access to a number of different NMR spectrometers, covering a wide and rare range of possibilities for analytical and (bio)physical research and applications in biology, agriculture, food technology, biophysics and biotechnology. Instruments available are:
- 0.2-0.75 T variable field (portable) NMR spectrometer for relaxometry, diffusometry, and flow studies in intact plants, products (i.e. fruits, seeds, bulbs) and porous (bio)systems;
- 0.25-0.75 T NMR imager, based on an electromagnet with a 10 cm air gap, for anatomical and functional imaging of porous materials, (bio)reactors, plants, and other living organisms;
- 3 T NMR imager with a 50 cm vertical bore magnet for anatomical, functional and spectroscopic imaging of porous materials, (bio)reactors, plants, and other living organisms under well-controlled environmental conditions in a mini-phytotron (available end 2003);
- 7 T wide bore NMR spectrometer for in vivo spectroscopy, metabolic studies of living organisms, solid state NMR, and magic-angle-spinning NMR- 9.4 T wide bore NMR spectrometer for analytical NMR, high-resolution micro-imaging, multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy for molecular structure elucidation, and solid state magic-angle-spinning NMR - 9.4 T narrow bore NMR spectrometer for analytical and fluorine NMR, and equipped with an LC accessory and MS storage unit;
- 11.7 T high-resolution NMR spectrometer for high-resolution molecular structure elucidation. The NMR facility is flanked by analytical facilities (i.e. ESR (upgraded in 2004, including a high sensitivity cavity) and advanced mass spectrometry and advanced optical (micro)spectroscopic techniques) (see: ) and computer facilities. A large number of software packages and programmes is available for data analysis and simulation.

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