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Optimized release from isol targets


Objectives:The objective of this project is the optimization of the release properties of ISOL (isotope separation on-line) targets. This involves the development of beams of new elements (presently not available at ISOL facilities) and more exotic isotopes as well as the improvement of existing beams in intensity, purity and reproducibility.
The operating European ISOL facilities (LSF): ISOLDE (CERN, Genève, CH), GSI-ISOL (Darmstadt, DE), CRC (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE) and SPIRAL (GANIL, Caen, FR) will profit immediately from the developments of new or improved ISOL beams. Furthermore, for the planned European second generation Radioactive Ion Beam facility EURISOL this development is an indispensable basis. A side result will bean extensive database on diffusion in, and desorption from metals, oxides, carbides and other compounds with important applications in other fields.
In the first year a database was installed on our website: which is now being filled with experimental diffusion and desorption parameters, thermophysical and chemical data and measured yields from operating ISOL facilities.
Highlights of the first year's work are: pure beams of short-lived Ge and Sn isotopes at GSI-ISOL, and off-line produced high-intensity beams (several 1012 particles per second) of 7Be and 10Be from a PSI-ISOLDE collaboration.

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