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Content archived on 2024-05-27

An ion trap facility for experiments with highly-charged heavy ions


Executive Summary:
The HITRAP project aims at the production of very highly charged heavy ions at low energies, storage of these ions in a trap for physical investigations, and using these ions in interaction experiments on photons and all kinds of matter ranging from electrons to solid states. The facility to be set up at GSI will be the first one in the world to allow trapping and use of ions up to U92+ at low energies. During the second year, the HITRAP project was extensively presented to a broad public by an own workshop at GSI. The Technical Design Report worked out at GSI forms a particular highlight since it comprises a detailed lay-out for the heavy-ion decelerator and for the cooler trap, a cost estimate and an assessment for the personnel required. The other teams are preparing experiments for HITRAP. They mostly finished the experimental set-ups which now undergo extensive testing and allow for stand-alone experiments with moderately-charged ions. The theoretical partner in Wien focuses on effects which will to be investigated with HITRAP. Another noteworthy event is the approval of the GSI future-facility plans by the German Federal Minister of Research and Education. After realization of the proposal, GSI will be a research centre for research with heavy ions and antiprotons at the forefront of physics. HITRAP forms an integral part of this project.

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